Erskinville – Heavy Metals and Nutrient Removal WTP

Erskineville, Sydney, NSW    Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering    February 2021 – Present

Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering engaged SciDev to design and construct a water treatment plant (WTP) and dewatering system to support civil works at Erskineville, NSW. Groundwater dewatering was required to support open trenching works and trunk main works required below the water table.

Due to the proximity to Sydney Park’s old legacy landfills, groundwater extracted was impacted with an array of contaminants including heavy metals, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, phosphorus, and hydrocarbons. Water is treated and discharged to the environment under ANZECC 95th percentile level of ecological protection.


Design, construct, commission and operate a water treatment plant capable of treating up to 530m³ of groundwater per day.
Erskineville required the use of a reactor to perform coagulation, flocculation, and oxidation. The reactor provides rapid mix/homogenisation capability and efficient chemical use.
Initially engaged to treat 0.9ML, the WTP processed over 23 megaliters of contaminated water
Treated water is buffered to the correct pH and discharged to the environment as required
The only waste generated at the WTP is sludge, pre-classified as General Solid Waste under the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines and was able to be sent to landfill.