650 million litres of PFAS-impacted water treated to super ultra-trace

Jan 17, 2023

SciDev is currently involved in the ongoing treatment and management of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) contaminated water onsite at a blue-chip Australian mining client. Due to the site’s location within close proximity to a range of sensitive receptors, a highly risk-averse approach was used to determine the environmental discharge criteria. SciDev designed, constructed, and is currently operating a plant capable of treating PFAS-impacted water to the 99th percentile level of protection under the ANZECC guidelines for discharge to freshwater environments. This plant was the first PFAS treatment plant to treat to these levels at full-scale under the governance of the Department of Water Environment and Regulation.

Our approach involved the bespoke design of a multi-stage water treatment plant that utilizes various active adsorptive ion exchange media. Effective design implementation has ensured the successful treatment of more than 650ML of PFAS-impacted water to date.

The project was unique for a multitude of reasons:

  • The discharge criteria for the system required total PFAS removal down to <0.0002µg/L
  • The systems flow rate was designed to achieve 21L/S and then subsequently upgraded to treat 38L/S
  • The water treatment plant was required to treat from multiple sources with varying contamination levels for PFAS and other co-contaminants.
  • Construction and commissioning of the water treatment plant were completed in less than 40-days from the contract award due to onsite operational requirements.
  • After the first year of operation, the treatment plant was upgraded to treat elevated total suspended solids as the client required an additional feed source to be treated.

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