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Cutting edge ion-exchange technology leading the world in treating per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances

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SciDev’s ion exchange technology effectively removes both short and long-chain PFAS compounds due to its high capacity, selectivity, and potential for regeneration.


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FluorofIX™ uses Ion Exchange technology to remove PFAS effectively and efficiently from contaminated water, eliminating the risk of contaminant breakthroughs and minimising byproduct waste generation. FluorofIX™ utilises a series of specialist weak and strong base ion exchange resins selected and activated using a propriety process, enabling an extremely high holding capacity for PFAS while achieving treatment to the lowest possible detection limits.

Our FluorofIX™ systems are mobile and modular, allowing for rapid deployment to site. These modules can be easily reconfigured to treat a wide range of contaminated surface water, groundwater and liquid waste enabling highly contaminated material to be treated and then safely discharged to the environment following treatment.


RegenIX™ is SciDev’s ion exchange resin regeneration technology, which is integrated into all of our treatment system designs without significant additional CAPEX costs. In addition, RegenIX™ reduces your ongoing OPEX by up to 79%. Delivering treated water with per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) levels below the lowest limits of reporting. Our proprietary regenerant solution is non-flammable and produces a liquid waste stream ideally suited for PFAS destruction technologies.


Reduction in OPEX


Reduction in waste generation


Reduction in resin replacement costs


Reduction in system footprint

FluorofIX™ Capability Statement

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RegenIX™ IX Resin Regeneration Technology

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