AusBiz Interview: SciDev paves the way for water treatment

Feb 5, 2024

Sean Halpin, CEO of SciDev (SDV) updates on the company’s December quarter, revealing a substantial 19% boost in revenue, which amounts to $28.5 million. The company reporting $2.5 million on the bottom line for the quarter, with Halpin saying the growth will continue.

Sean highlights two significant areas of growth going forward—the chemical services vertical and the water technology side. He says SciDev has successfully managed to build a strong order book across the board, coping well with sturdy regulatory tailwinds and emerging markets globally. Sean points out the firm’s ability to offer innovative technology that tends to improve the operational efficiency of clients, making a notable reduction in the amount of freshwater consumed in their industries.

Sean points to the group’s solid balance sheet with a cash position of just under $6 million and about $8 million in inventory. Listen for details on SciDev’s growth plans going forward.

AusBiz Media Interview


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