Matilda Kearney appointed to Technical Manager – Water Technologies

Dec 15, 2022

SciDev is pleased to announce that Matilda Kearney has been appointed Technical Manager, Water Technologies.

Matilda brings a unique mix of skills to the role, having led a wide range of Civil and Environmental projects such as Camellia Chromium Removal, Fiskville per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) water treatment and Rutherford Liquid Waste PFAS Water Treatment. She has a particular affiliation towards water chemistry and creating positive environmental impacts. Her previous experience at Council and the NSW Environmental Protection Agency has also provided Matilda with an understanding of both environmental legislation and development legislation in local and state government.

This newly created role is in response to the rapid growth of our Water Technologies business as a Market Leader in complex water treatment.

Matilda is thrilled to take on this new role saying, “it is such an amazing opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic and passionate technical team. I look forward to spending my time in this role focusing on design innovation and continuing to improve the sustainability of our water treatment systems”.

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