Fiskville – PFAS Water Treatment Plant

Country Fire Authority Training Wing, Fiskville, Victoria

Ventia Utility Services

May 2019 – November 2019

Rehabilitation of the former Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victorian Emergency Management Training Centre at Fiskville represented one of the most significant per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) rehabilitation projects to be undertaken in Australia to date.

To support soil remediation works being undertaken on site SciDev designed, constructed and operated a water treatment plant (WTP) to treat heavily PFAS contaminated water at the CFA site.

Contaminated surface water and groundwater also needed management over the course of remediation. The project was unique for several reasons:

  • Variability of water quality between the different water bodies was high.
    • Up to 600µg/L Total PFAS
    • Up to 685µg/L Total PFAS (post TOPA)
  • Water discharged needed to meet not only ultra-trace levels for PFAS but also Oxidisable Precursors.
    • Total PFAS <0.002µg/L
    • Total PFAS (post TOPA) <0.002µg/L


Design, construct and commission a WTP capable of treating influent water quality of 600-650ug/L total PFAS to below the 95th percentile of protection.

Design a system capable of operating with minimal risk to adhere to the continuous discharge requirements.

Operate the WTP under continuous discharge parameters ensuring all relevant test work is completed to maintain discharge license.

Minimise waste generated