Treatment of PFAS contaminated groundwater – Rutherford

Rutherford, NSW   Environmental Treatment Solutions (ETS) / Suez    Dec 2020 – September 2022

SciDev were contracted through Suez and Environmental Treatment Solutions (ETS) to design a temporary solution to capture and treat any contaminated surface water runoff on the Truegain site. The site was formerly an oil refinery, with a known source of hydrocarbons, oil and per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The site was inactive from 2016 with no management or containment of leaking storage tanks or hazardous run-off water into the local environment.

The project presented several challenging criteria:

Utilise remote monitoring andminimise on-site personnel, to capture on-site water.

Manage and treat wastewater with varying concentrations of PFAS, hydrocarbons and oil, resulting in a batch treatment methodology process to pre-treat the contaminated water before the filtration process.

Providing a cost-effective treatment solution off-site

To date, the project has treated over 4.4ML, which is an incredible achievement for a batch treatment plant. SciDev are in the process of undertaking upgrades on the WTP at the ETS facility to provide more automation and to manage any future co-contaminants in the waste stream.


Provide a temporary solution to manage the discharge of contaminated water into the local environment
Manage and treat wastewater in batches due to varying concentrations of PFAS, hydrocarbons and oils.
Addition of powdered activated carbon for the removal of oils, hydrocarbons and organics, as well as the removal of some PFAS contamination (Long-chain sulfonic acids).
Coagulation and flocculation for the removal of total suspended solids and clarification.
pH adjustment to improve filtration efficiency and efficacy.