Flocculants and Coagulants

Flocculants and Coagulants when used in conjunction with each other provided efficient and cost-effective means to remove suspended particles in water solutions or slurries.

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MaxiFlox® Flocculants and Coagulants

Our MaxiFlox® range of flocculants are versatile and suitable for various applications in mining, mineral processing, construction, and water treatment. They are offered in both powder and liquid form, with a wide range of molecular weights, charge distributions, and charge densities.

In thickeners the products are used to enhance settlings rates, increase underflow density and improve supernatant clarity. For dewatering and filtrations processes they increase productivity and yields and reduce moisture content producing a lower volume of waste for disposal.

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Each solution is customized to address the unique challenges of the client’s site conditions and final application stage. We offer both a conventional range of flocculants, being MaxiFlox® 500 series (non-ionic to anionic) and MaxiFlox® 800 series (cationic) and also an advanced range through our MaxiFlox® 500R series. The innovative advanced range provides novel solutions for challenges relating to the recovery of water, recovery of minerals and metals, and overall process optimisation to lower operational treatment costs.

Our coagulant is specially designed to provide maximum benefits when used in conjunction with our OptiFlox® control technology across most mineral processing applications. The MaxiFlox® 800L series range is produced in our Kings Park manufacturing facility utilising a novel polymerisation technique delivering a highly effective product for all applications.

MaxiDry® Filter Aid

Our MaxiDry® range of organic Filter Aids are typically used for the dewatering of waste bentonite slurries in the construction industry. They are used as a replacement for common filter aids such as hydrated lime or calcium carbonate with the benefits provided being:

Eliminating the requirement for all spoil material to be managed as a Prescribed Industrial Waste in regulated regions.

A neutral pH filtrate, eliminating the requirement for sulphuric acid and aluminium sulphate lowering the overall treatment cost.

Higher safety-focused and lower maintenance solution being a non-hazardous range of chemicals.

The range of chemicals available offers a solution for any slurry conditions and is supported by our highly experienced technical team.


ClariVie44® process water conditioner is used to regulate the hydration and dispersion of clays, and ultra-fines present in the process water circuits. By reducing clay dispersion, it aids in forming a greater number of stacked platelets per particle, which results in significant downstream benefits. 


Unconditioned and Flocculant

Conditioned and No Flocculant

Conditioned and Flocculant

OptiFlox®SRt – Flocculant Dose Control System 

The Optiflox®SRt system is a solution-based approach where process control technology is combined with the dosing pump skids, world-class reagent addition and technical support to ensure a robust processing solution. The system has been developed to provide automatic flocculant control by continually monitoring the slurry infeed to a thickener to optimise the flocculant dosage whilst maintaining consistency in thickener operating performance.


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