Leading Student engagement in the Anangu Community

Nov 1, 2021

What a privilege to host a workshop for our partner SciDev Limited with leaders, teachers and Anangu Educators from 5 of our APY Lands schools on Wednesday evening.

This passionate group of educators, shared examples of the work they’re undertaking as part of the Australian Schools Plus & SciDev Limited funded Two-way Science program, where local Anangu knowledge and skills are connected to western science and the Australian curriculum.

It was so encouraging to hear the impact this is having on student engagement and achievement in all learning areas, alongside the benefits gained from engaging and empowering the local Anangu community to build student connection and cultural identity.

Special thanks to Seán Halpin and Sarah Stewart for coming over from Sydney for this event, to all the educators who participated in the evening and to my colleagues at The Wyatt Trust for establishing such a welcoming space – Inparrila (Kaurna word for ‘meeting place’).

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