New Leadership to Drive SciDev’s Growth in Europe and North America

Aug 22, 2023

We are pleased to announce two key appointments to the SciDev Leadership Team.; John Wilson, Vice President, Europe – Water Technologies and Quinn Smith, Vice President, North America– Water Technologies.

Mr Wilson and Mr Smith will be responsible for implementing strategic initiatives to drive the growth of our Water Technologies businesses across Europe and North America.

“We are excited to welcome John and Quinn to the SciDev Team,” said Seán Halpin, CEO. “In Europe and North America, we are seeing both increased PFAS regulation and local industry responding to tackling and solving complex contamination issues by actively addressing their PFAS-impacted sites. We believe it is the right time to take our fully commercialised market leading FluorofIX™ PFAS treatment technology into these regions.”

“John and Quinn have both demonstrated a high-energy approach into strategic growth in both North America and Europe as these markets gear up to tackle the global PFAS problem,” said Seán.

John brings almost two decades of experience in the water industry in Europe. He thrives in collaborating with clients, to solve their key water issues and challenges.

“I am honoured to be joining such a dynamic and fast-growing company,” said John Wilson. “Currently, Australia has the most stringent PFAS regulations in the world, with SciDev leading the way in full-scale deployment of mobile PFAS treatment solutions.”

“The SciDev team in Australia have been at the forefront of PFAS treatment and removal for the last decade and has successfully treated more than three (3) billion litres of PFAS-contaminated water” said John.

With an extensive depth of knowledge in analytical testing and water technologies, Quinn is a unique asset to expanding our business in the Americas, which will continue to bring practical solutions to help our clients recycle, reuse and manage water.

Commenting on his appointment, Quinn Smith said, “It’s such a great time to be at the leading edge of the water treatment industry in North America. The North American regulatory landscape and remediation priorities continue to evolve and accelerate with the establishment of the US EPA’s PFAS strategic roadmap. Environment and Climate Change Canada recently released a draft report and risk management scope for the state of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. As a result, there is a tremendous opportunity to drive technology for lasting transformation in PFAS treatment.

“Government agencies, industry and the public are demanding pragmatic and effective solutions that will not only separate, concentrate and destroy PFAS but also mitigate future human exposure and liabilities. We take immense pride that SciDev has specialised in this holistic formula since 2016 and intend on providing the same technological mastery and service model in North America.”

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