PFAS Water Treatment at Woolworths MooreBank Distribution Centre

Dec 8, 2022

SciDev water services completed the treatment of per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) impacted groundwater due to surface water run-off at the future Woolworths Moorebank Regional Distribution Centre (MoRDC). The future distribution centre, scheduled to open in 2024, is a $175M project being delivered by Richard Crookes Constructions. During the construction of the MoRDC, Moorebank experienced long periods of heavy rain. As a result, on-site water storage was at risk of uncontrolled discharge. To mitigate against this, the water treatment plant (WTP) was mobilised and fully operational within four business days. The water treatment plant, with a nameplate capacity of 400 kL/day, treated 14.1ML of surface water run-off and enabled the safe discharge of treated water, meeting strict environmental regulations. The quick mobilisation of the water treatment plant provided a reactive response and accelerated the construction program despite heavy rainfalls throughout the construction period. A cost-effective and functional solution to treat what could have been a significant risk to the project.

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