SciDev secures major BOO Contract with Cleanaway to treat PFAS impacted leachate

Jan 11, 2023

SciDev secures major BOO Contract to treat PFAS impacted leachate



  • SciDev has secured a contract with Cleanaway to deploy a Build Own Operate (BOO) water treatment plant (WTP) in Queensland to treat PFAS-impacted leachate.
  • The contract has a minimum value of $2.15m with significant upside potential. The minimum contract value is based on a fixed volume threshold of leachate to be treated.  The upside to the contract value will be recognised as volumes of leachate in excess of this threshold.
  • SciDev will commence detailed design and off-site construction of the WTP immediately and will mobilise to site in February 2023, with the project anticipated to run through to the end of CY23.


SciDev Ltd (ASX: SDV) (‘SciDev‘ or ‘the Company‘) is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract with Cleanaway Waste Management Limited for the deployment of a Build Own Operate (BOO) water treatment plant to treat per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) impacted leachate. The scope of works under the contract will see the utilisation of SciDev’s market-leading PFAS treatment technology combined with emerging technology that reduces Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) without reverse osmosis or other traditional membrane technology. This technology will minimise by-product waste, offering Cleanaway a more cost-effective solution over the project lifecycle whilst delivering an efficient and compliant outcome.


SciDev’s Water Technologies business specialises in delivering innovative water treatment solutions across a wide range of applications. Our technologies remove harmful contaminants from groundwater, surface water and industrial liquid waste, allowing water to be reused or safely discharged to the environment.


SciDev CEO Seán Halpin said, “Our ability to engage with clients such as Cleanaway is a reflection of our continued success and reputation within the water treatment space, which is built upon delivering innovative and highly successful technology. As a result, SciDev is generating a strong portfolio of blue-chip clients across our end markets, driving revenue and expanding future growth opportunities”.


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